If you recently purchased a new home, office, or commercial building, or are a business owner, manager, REALTOR™, property manager, or landlord, it's a good idea to have your locks rekeyed. Rekeying is a necessity, not a luxury, because it protects your family, your customers' personal safety, and the safety of your property.

Top Five Reasons:

Simplify - If you're trying to open the door to your house or business and trying a bunch of different keys, rekeying may be your solution.

Lost or Stolen Keys - Lost a key while shopping? Anyone could have picked it up, so you never know who could have access to your home. Rekeying the locks can solve this problem.

Employee Shifts - When an employee is fired or leaves on unfavorable terms, often times they do not want to return the key. Rekeying would solve this problem and help re-secure your business and property.

Tenants & Roommates - As a landlord or property manager, it's your responsibility to ensure the safety of your tenants. When they leave, it's hard to know who they gave copies of keys to when they were away or had a pet sitter. Rekey your locks to remove liability from yourself and your business.

New Homeowner - When buying a new house, you do not know who else might have a set of keys. For peace of mind, it's always best to have your locks rekeyed for your safety and security.

*Please note: Some restrictions apply.

Rekey you lock Instead of Replacing

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